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We have long-standing relationships with major suppliers throughout the world, and our supplier database covers reliable and reputed manufactures and trade associates across the globe.


All manufacturers and suppliers undergo pre-qualification and appropriate inspection by our personnel to ensure quality of the product and service throughout the supply channel.


We maintain a close liaison with international freight and forwarding companies, in order to offer faster delivery for your indent requirements.


 We provide our customers a wide range of grades and product forms supported by high quality research, development and technical services.


Total Quality Management Program and Long Term Relationship – We are committed to development of long-term commercial and technical partnerships with our customers. Our quality program assures delivery of products meeting the needs of the customer in the technically correct and cost efficient way.


we are fully geared with the requisite technical expertise and quality control mechanism, enabling us to successfully meet our client’s requirement and handling complex and challenging projects. Additionally, our streamlined administration, regular follow-ups with the clients and quick order dispatch has enabled us to win the faith and trust of the clients.


Our computerized working environment ensures efficiency, as our software is designed exclusively to keep track of all project orders, incoming materials etc. With assistance of this system, our self motivated and preserving sales team keep themselves informed of the various developments in our field.


At Tech Steel, we are constantly looking to improve and to enhance the capabilities of our products as well as expand our existing portfolio in order to retain our leading position and offer our customers world class service and timely delivery of products.

We believe that the value is not only in the details of the product being supplied, but also in the Quality Process as well.  It is our goal to develop long term client relationships and market alliances and enrich our customers with prompt and efficient customer service.